Frequently Asked Questions

What is asphalt?

Asphalt is a petroleum based product used for walkways, driveways, parking lots, and roadways. Asphalt is much more flexible than concrete and therefore handles our cold climate conditions much better than concrete.

How much should an asphalt paving job cost?

The answer to this is somewhat complicated as it has many variables. A few being:

  1. Size of area to be paved
  2. Thickness of foundation
  3. Thickness of asphalt top
  4. Area excavation
  5. Drainage of surface water, etc...

A United Paving Company Professional will consult with you regarding exactly what is necessary for your specific needs. The work is then priced based on those exact requirements. The work is completed as per the specifications agreed upon with NO shortcuts or skimping of materials. You get what you were promised and what you are paying for.

What is the most cost effective way to redo my driveway?

The most cost effective way to redo your driveway is to resurface the existing asphalt with another layer of asphalt. This can only be done after deficiencies in the existing asphalt are repaired and if there are no height restrictions in adding another layer of asphalt (as for example, at the garage).

How long does an asphalt paving job last?

Our driveways last upwards of 25-30 years with minimal maintenance due to the high priority we place on quality of workmanship and our pavement procedure (see pavement procedure).

Do all paved areas have to be fully excavated?

No, not all paved areas have to be fully excavated. Excavation is done if there is no other way to provide the specified thickness of stone base foundation and asphalt. Excavation is an expensive part of any quotation. That is why many companies say they excavate but don't because of the time, effort, and expense involved in this process.

If your paved area requires excavation, we will quote on it and guarantee that it is completed to the agreed upon specifications (see Images).

How long should I stay off the newly paved asphalt?

You should should stay off the new asphalt for 2-3 days. If necessary, cars can drive over the paved area to park in the garage.

Do I need to cool my asphalt area with water?

No, you do not have to cool down your newly paved area. There is no long term benefit to doing this. Save the water for your grass.

Can my new asphalt be damaged even after staying off of it for the recommended amount of time?

Yes, oil and gas spills will damage new or old asphalt. On newly paved asphalt, ladders and other point load objects, such as chairs, will sink into the asphalt. Turning car tires sharply on one spot may also scuff the asphalt. These should be avoided.

What is the standard thickness for materials used in asphalt paving?

The standard depth for the stone base foundation 6" to 8" (however this can be as much as 12" or more). The asphalt should be at least 2" after compaction (however this can be 3" or 4" total, laid in multiple lifts).

Many companies promise 2" of asphalt but deliver substantially less. United Paving guarantees to provide the proper depths based on the agreed upon specifications with no short cuts. (see gallery)

Should I seal my driveway?

We do not recommend the sealing of driveways. Asphalt and sealers do not behave in the same manner during the freeze, thaw, and expansion cycles of our winters and summers. If sealers are applied too frequently or different types of sealers are used, the sealer surface will crack and the asphalt underneath will be perfectly fine.

What areas does United Paving service?

We service the Durham, Ontario area for residential paving. This includes Oshawa, Whitby, Clarington, Courtice, Bowmanville, Port Perry, Brooklin, Ashburn, Columbus, and surrounding areas.

Does United Paving offer payment plans?

Yes, we do offer interest free payment plans to suit your needs. Call us for more information.

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